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Fernvale Genetics

2022 Newsletter

2022 Newsletter
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October 2022

Welcome to the Fernvale update for 2022.

Remember to check out our website, you can find us at

The 2022 Ram Order form is attached with this Newsletter – However if you would prefer you could jump onto our website and print the form or complete online.

Fernvale Genetics has developed itself into a farming operation that delivers year upon year. We have been careful to keep it simple and repeatable while at the same time utilizing any new technology that once evaluated by our team can be rolled out into our day to day operations. This is clearly evident in our 2022 crop of rams, following those key principles to flow through into our stud operations consistently producing sires that deliver the performance and structural integrity into not only our own commercial system but the commercial farming systems they go into. This year we achieved 92% strike rate with the Alliance handpicked lamb program.

“As the old saying goes you can’t beat quality”

Ram Hogget's 27th October 2022

The Only change we have made to our existing system was weathering all of the male lambs, we were a bit apprehensive in doing this due to the potential drop in growth rates however this was completely unfounded as we never saw any detrimental growth, in fact our medium kill date was brought forward. So for anyone considering this you can do it with


The Cattle stud is advancing at a rate we had not anticipated. As we of all people appreciate and understand the importance of top genetics, our plan has always been with the development of the Angus stud to only use the very best genetics available focusing on key traits, IMF, birthing ease and growth which has positioned the nucleus of the female herd to breed at a high level. In combination with AI programs and purchasing outside stud bulls it has meant we have had to spend considerable

dollars at auctions to purchase the exact bull for our program. In fact for the last two years we have been the highest bidder at the Kakahu Stud auction. We finish all of our 2 year old trade cattle supplying to the alliance handpicked program this gives us the ability to gauge how they are performing within the industry. This season we are sitting on 86 % strike rate of Heifers and Steers supplied.

18 month old Heifers with calves ( 226 Heifers calved 0 assisted)

You may have noticed the new wools of NZ advert on the TV. It is great to finally see them promoting themselves and pushing this amazing product that we produce. My challenge to all of the wool producers would be to ask the question to your wool merchant “What are you doing to promote this product “

As per standard practice we have continued side sampling, so micron is available on all maternal rams.

Enclosed is an order form for you to return for your ram requirements.

We look forward to seeing you in early December. Ange will be in contact with a time and date for selection

Feel free to contact us with any queries

Kind regards

Lloyd and Ange Brenssell


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