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Angus Bulls_Fernvale Genetics


At Fernvale Genetics we're creating a no frills Angus stud to thrive in harsh conditions, with fast-tracking growth, strong fertility and for IMF traits, producing a superior meat.

Our Angus Stud 

Our Angus stud is being developed from a commercial herd of cows for premium genetics. Our focus is to create a true commercial stud with genetics that thrive in the tough, often freezing, Whitecomb conditions.   

Of good Stock  

Our Angus bulls breed with a herd of 500-600 mixed age cows who have been born and bred in the harsh hill country conditions.


Intermuscular Fat 

IMF is a key carcass trait that we use to select and grow our stud. It's important to us that in addition to stock survivability, we're delivering a superior meat from pasture to plate. Using the highest IMF genetics, we're a proud supplier for Pure South's new premium product, HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef. 


Sold as Yearlings 

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