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Our Farms

Fernvale Genetics is a commercial sheep and beef farming operation. Our agri-business spans seven properties in the West Otago region, comprised of 52,000+ sheep and beef stock units. 

Fernvale Block

Total area: 760ha

Annual Rainfall:  800-850mls

Altitude: 260-540m asl
Use: Main base for stud, and as a finishing block

Fernvale Block.jpg

Whitecomb Run

Total area: 4408ha

Annual Rainfall:  850-950mls

Altitude: 280-1402m asl
Use: Our main breeding platform.

Gem Lake Run

Total area: 6,100ha

Annual Rainfall:  872 mls

Altitude: 440m to 1420m asl
Use: Run for sheep and cattle


Dalmuir Rd Ettrick

Total area: 151ha

Annual Rainfall: 450-550mls

Altitude: 160-380m asl
Use: Finishing block for triplet ewes in spring or lambs in the autumn, etc. depending on growing season.


MacKays Block,  Moa Flat

Total area: 560ha

Annual Rainfall: 800 - 850mls

Altitude:  700asl
Use: As a run off for the run blocks.


Poolburn Block,  Poolburn

Total area: 247ha

Annual Rainfall: 800 - 850mls

Altitude:  430m asl
Use: It’s primary role is to finish 800-1000 of FG’s R2 Angus cattle each winter from July to October under Alliance’s Handpicked and Angus Pure programmes, with lambs finished around the sides as feed allows.

Poolburn at Fernvale Genetics.jpg
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